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Look what I got from my lovely fan! LOVE these 3RD WAVE t-shirts! Will wear this time in Taiwan! Thank u so much~^^

Captured! 4.24 4:24 Woohoo~~~ Ok... I admit, I was bored... =_=; so 無聊... Haha~

I never like shopping but shopping for THESE juz turns me ON~~ LOL! My homesick "painkiller"!! n they were on SALE!! :D

Cherry blossom... Wished there was someone next to me... Anyone wanna sit...? :) (Photo: 2012.04.18)

Took this pic few days ago~ Took becuz of the cherry blossom, n then realised there was a rainbow in the sky~ :)

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알렉이 먼로~ Finally found my doppelgänger: Xanderlyn Monroe~ σ(^_^;)

Korean & Thailand fusion! Altang (Korean fish egg soup) + Tom yum! Made it for dinner~ Korea ♥ Thailand! 화이팅!^-^

금희누나는"약선요리"전문가이고요 (드라마"불후의명작"에서)~ 산더는"퓨전요리"실습생입니다~~ 이번의 퓨전요리! 한국과 태국 혼합! "알탕 톰얌꽁"!! "알"렉이 "알"탕을 "알"아? ㅋㅋㅋ~

sister!!!!!!!!!!!! lol~ made this pic~

In Daejeon for drama shooting~ Went to a department store after finish n guess wt I found?? Sweet memories~ :)

아이고.. 올라갈때는 그냥 얌전하게 가야지뭐... ㅋㅋ I can "matrix" down the escalator, but going up with a cart, hmm... Forget about it~ :)

아까 대전 이•마트 갔어요~ 맷트릭스 처럼 에스커레이터 멋있게 탔어요~ 간디작살~ Went to E-Mart... Matrix-mode Xander on escalator~ Ready, ACTION! LOL~

알렉이 삼대째 설렁탕 면접 보러 왔어요~ 이런 면"접" 같 은~ ㅋㅋㅋ Gotta find a new job.. Hope this restaurant will hire me~ LOL~ :)

4000th tweet: Happy White Day~^-^ Thanks a LOT for always supporting~ Love y'all so much~♥ God bless~ (pic: on bed :P )

응원해주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다!! Thanks for the love n support guys! Though it's a small role, will still do my BEST! LOVE Y'ALL~^^

Went to church w/ mom n now hving EARLY dinner~ Nice weather in Seoul~ "I've got a pocketful of sunshine~♪" :)

Missing the sushi in Japan w/ !! weren't they GOOD!? :D

Counter-attack!!! Sushi at Sendai~~~ hahaha

FIRST time EVER... GOT CAUGHT!!! 「サンダを探して」( ´ ▽ ` )ノ