30something. Likes: cycling, retro gaming, chiptunes, independent game development, bitching about public transport, esoterica, ephemera, blasphemera, etcetera

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first i was all like :( then i was all like :)

He was goin' back in June.

$5 each at the Brunswick book grocer. Bar to the gain

Jesus @ the BDO: "Peter, let's see who's playing at the boiler room, this E is starting to kick." "Yes, my Lord."

If this is wrong, , I don't want to be right...


Just don't forget your front wheel.


Where the hell is Tyaak?

Where the hell is Tyaak?


tastes like a combination of dog, cat, and rabbit piss #comicsjoke #nevermind #we3

I accidentally the whole laundry :( whoops

iScalp is a good dandruff monitoring app, reccomended

I'm Batman.

this is Cara. (It was about five past nine.)

well, it came out of a cat... does that count?

Willem. Found under a shipping container near Polly Woodside about ten years ago.

Instant two-way radio, just add headphone adapter! #iphone

Twitter, someone left their lunch on the CVM at Anstey! WE CAN DO THIS