30something. Likes: cycling, retro gaming, chiptunes, independent game development, bitching about public transport, esoterica, ephemera, blasphemera, etcetera

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if you root it maybe Samsung galaxy i9000 w. ICS from teh googles

DAT ASS #venus #Willendorf

BOOM #cribbage

MISTAKES WERE MADE pegged seven off this, the bitch

I got into trouble for this :( #vline

Seems legit.

whose sigil is this pls

Do you know when they're going to finish The Big Truing Stand?

Sorry, 'Gisborne'. (Heh, too big!)

brave little troopers getting their shots today (;-;) :3 <3 <3 #mew

SRS BSNS #ddcx

Shit, as they say, is about to get real, down here at the Harrison St Velodrome. #DDCX

geez these people can talk

There's some boutique road detritus in Parkville today.

2-2-1 textbook formation there , standing-seated-pax. Good symmetry. Great work.

Vintage 'print shop'-era signage. "If the plant you wish to flee... go to sector 7G."

no idea who these people are

"Give me convenience, or give me death." (Freewheel/SS Specialized Langster, Brisbane.)

one alternative, from the decadent streets of Melbourne...

first i was all like :( then i was all like :)