30something. Likes: cycling, retro gaming, chiptunes, independent game development, bitching about public transport, esoterica, ephemera, blasphemera, etcetera

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too retro? Something else perhaps

HAHAHAHA *gasp* HAHAHAHAHAHA #runabbottrun

Fuel calculations of a different kind for #simplerockets

Namco made clock radios now?

So then Han Solo, Michael Jackson, and Voltron walk into a bar...

This meniscus is blowing my mind right now. #science #yeahbitch

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot you are cleared to land on runway two bravo

Now that is a clever dog.

Suspicious quotes are suspicious.

No excuses now...

This guy has been doing this since forever


omg oh&s! someone call 2day 2night!

fixed #hurr

#womw Casio A159W, approved by Al-Qeda according to Washington. *facepalm* http://bit.ly/12f4lj0 #casio

Bricks shat, mind blown. #tea #economy

Roller racing soon at the Victoria Hotel in Brunswick; it's not too late! $5 to race, heckling free #mandatory

the time machine in dad's cellar just brought this back from '66. Sobriety not guaranteed.

... which was the origin of the expression "drunk as a penguin". #budapest