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I eat a turkey sandwich every single day and will destroy anyone in backgammon.

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My friends are so thoughtful they gave me a helmet to wear just in case. How bout u ?

Let's go Hoos!!! Sorry

People who take my order can't get my name right even when I spell it out for them. Laecko? Really?

This is what movie date night looks like in Charlottesville. Think I'll be able to find a seat?

Just landed back in NJ. Check out this pic I took from the plane. All of America is covered in snow!

Not sure if it gets any better than this... Great way to start my day.

hooked me up w a batch of my favorite flavor. Coconut choco chip. So good. Thank you!

This is unbelievable!!!!! I have never seen snow like this in my life!!!!

Ummmmm I don't think we'll be going anywhere tonight. Snowed in, literally.

Hahaha this is the best Christmas gift I got this year. Read the caption

Here are the new Legends and Mercurials for 2011. Pretty sick. What do yall think?

Wanna know what taking classes at UVA is like? Check out this list I made during class this semester

I am the guac master!! I just made this bowl for our Christmas party tonight. Pretty good, eh?

The playoff beard is in full effect and ready to do damage. UVA vs UMD. LETS GET IT.

Me and Matt in our Halloween costumes. We're not quite sure what we are. Generals/UPS delivery men.

Put me in Coach London, I'm ready! I do still have a year of eligibility left... Place kicker maybe?

At the UVA vs Miami football game and we are actually winning 14-0! What happened to the U???

Is it weird that I only sneeze in 3's and 5's??? WTF, not even google could help diagnose me. :(

Vending machines are now $1.10??? Smh, that is absurd. Who asks for 10 extra cents? Bastards!

How awesome is this!! Great tribute to Jaime at RFK.

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