Aldi Haqfaroki


Vocal @EasternOutcast | 17yrsold | 18 Nov 1995 | Internet reader | Smoker | mind fucker | mustache | Meme lover | #Garpride | I uploading my minds on internet.

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ttnya mana ? :(

ka enak tuh kayanya :( boleh minta?

Look so cute.

The quick brown jumps over the lazy. 123456789

ciga kieu tah

ciga kieu

my Newest hair XD

Just read this shit!

#listening Antivist by Bring me the horizon



Smoke weed

The old style of keyboard, with da curly cable~

wad a nice hair dudez?! It's 10years without cutting his hair!

and the last one called~ slenderMe~

Wad do u say?