Aaron M. Pryor


Ball hockey goalie, CBJ and Anaheim Ducks fan, and projectionist extraordinaire. 23 years of age. Awesome.

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Hey everyone, let's kick 2011 in the crotch and show it who's boss! Also yes, champagne in a plastic cup. Classy.

Beast. What a lovely animal.

Beast. What a lovely animal.

Things that make Aaron happy.

Free food night! :D

Aww. They like me!

Aww. They like me!

My snowy day passtime. (:

Best thing ever? Probably not. But still pretty awesome.

My CBJ coat is better. (; (Pardon the goal mask hair...)


My dog must miss me. He's keeping my spot warm.

Eeeeek. Remnants.

Ummm. You're wrong. See!? *points*

My setup for the night. Min/Cal, #MNF, LA/Anh. Watched Dal/Car and Edm/Ott earlier... ()

Oh yeah. Itd be cool if the picture went through too.

Actually! I have some of my mom's!

Actually! I have some of my mom's!