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So now Im a Bird.... Also a fashion designer and spotter of random kieff stuff.n__*

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When the new neighbours bad taste effects your day. #badtasteoffendsme

The begginings of a very sexy dress :-$

My muse was amused. . .


Funtimes @ #MeMeMe - Dida kappies^ in store now!

Mornings in #CapeTown always breathtaking.

Just another day at the office. . .#ilovemakingthings

So, what ya get up to this weekend. . . .

miene kliene Kronk shrine. n__n

Definitly the most interesting pattern Ive made in a while!

These are the days of our lives. . .n____n

Random streetfind #2.

RrrrrrrrrrriBit! Happy #ThursYaY :-)


Clearly this taxi driver needs luck$!

My least fav part of this industry- #wrestlingwithhangers

#Random streetfind no.1

Mr freaky doll o_O CapeTown B-)

. CapeTown bling¥¥¥:-!

Farethewell #Woodstock.

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