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Enterprise Engineer for #Varrow and Craft Beer Fanatic in Pittsburgh, PA VCP5-DV, vExpert 2013 and 2014, #CiscoChampion I do cool stuff in loud rooms.

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Have you had a two minute safety huddle?

Hey . Any idea as to why I’m getting this error when configuring vCO to SSO? Time sync looks OK to me.

Hey . Any idea why I’m getting this error when connecting vCO to SSO? Time sync looks OK to me. #vco

That did it. Now to learn foreach so I can split a combo line that vCenter is giving me.

Pretty sure knows what’s going on in this picture.

I sense a disturbance in the Force…a presence I’ve not felt since….


FaceTime + Apple TV = TV based video conferencing.

Clone from template complete. Customizing now. Remaining time: 18-20 yrs.

Making Chick-Fil-A sandwiches. Properly.

An unfortunate misspelling.


I see we’ve liquidized buzzword filters now.

As requested!

Magic at work.

This was this morning in Pittsburgh.

The background on Slartibartfast:

Hey Apple. How is Autobot in the spell check dictionary, but Decepticon isn’t?

Random awesome feature of Android: The battery chart.

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vSphere 5.1 GA is live now. For real this time.

A rule that has yet to fail me: Drink as local as possible.

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