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professor of literature & environment (Loyola) & author of The Textual Life of Airports (Bloomsbury)

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JetBlue flight 191 compared to Steven Slater, & article leads with banal tarmac image: the *work* is implicated.

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"What? Is this an airplane? Why it looks just like a living room!" —American Airways promotional film, 1933.

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A friend sent this view from his hotel room at CDG: not near but IN the airport. Non-places within non-places...

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Recall how Don Draper flies from time to time. In many ways, he epitomizes the culture of flight...

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My local airport: Lego International.

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Another day in the culture of flight...

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If you're lucky, you might run into a public art tour while waiting for your flight. (This was at SMF, in 2005.)

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I love when safety briefing cards have romantic, rugged landscapes in the background. You almost want to go there.

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The bustling airport of Davis, California.

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Barbed wire, cumuli, avgas tanker trucks: on the tarmac in the central valley of California (SMF).

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Sunset before the apocalypse. Or, just another evening on the taxiway at MSP.

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Oh, airport infrastructure! At first so shiny and futuristic—but quickly dated, and soon enough outmoded entirely.

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Airport moving walkways: linear amalgams of motion and standstill.

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I found some forgotten airport photos that I'll post over the weekend. Here, obsolete Northwest liveries at MSP.

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Telecommunication graveyards: one of the notable features of airport topographies.

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The FAA considers a proposal to install security cameras to monitor every bird in the vicinity of each airport.

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Next to his Frank Lloyd Wright home my grandfather had a tower constructed, making the place resemble an airport.

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What fresh hell is this? Tunnel to gates 50-59, LAX.

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I love those initial roadside airport views, when you suddenly see tarmac & aircraft tails, through razor wire.

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Baggage: the final frontier.

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