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Stopped on the bridge. Related: let's move the CRC project forward.

For those of you keeping score at home, hell just froze over

Not as cool as bacon, but I'd vote for this

This asshole-y parked car has a Retriever Towing employee parking sticker in the window

I wonder which one is the real network?

I'm actually near the front of the line. Coach class cattle call at King Street Station

MAX is packed due to the seminar at the Rose Garden

Getting ready to learn how to flash, or something like that...

Current status:

Hoping I survive the massive storm #snowNOT

Don't move to the Portland area unless you're willing to deal with this weather

It's here...

Fred Meyer apples: #doingitwrong #fail

WordPress-ers at

New bathroom scale came with a suggestion to write an amazon review

Who's launching in four days?

I'll honor this sign if you stop making me wait here

Things I like to see in Google Analytics

Beautiful morning at the coast #fb