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I MIGHT need readers. Ugh! Had to use this to thread a needle tonight. :-(

Forgot to include the pic...

Blessed 2C Jenny Oaks Baker perform tonight at a fireside. Never heard of her before. Certainly has a new fan in me.

Plus, she is speaking like a thesaurus so we are all looking at her like... after she makes a 5-minute point. Blah.

I believe this is supposed to be Mike Tyson, but what does it mean?

What does "oct" mean?

#ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbola Ebola at the Museum

#ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbola Dallas Ebola Club

These fall-colored M&Ms are fresh and pretty... except the baby poo yellowy ones. Ugly.

This was my mom on crutches today. In her defense, she was still pretty drugged up from surgery. She's doing great.

Quite intriguing. Things are so convoluted these days. // Does this sentence need to be fixed?

and I get a CROWN! Deal with it!

YOU get a crown and YOU get a crown and YOU get a crown and YOU get a crown and YOU get a crown and YOU get a crown

Please send me someone who knows how. :-) Thank you.

Can I come work for you guys? :-)

The fact people can't tell if this is real or not is all you need to say about the State Dept. #StopBeheadingPeople

Using Moby for pic upload? PLEASE change your compression level to a higher setting. This is all we see.

OMGosh, what a great movie "The Hundred-Foot Journey" was. So special. Touched my heart.

Fixed it. Now HERE is a handsome group of guys.

I went to see "What If" this evening and loved it. Lifted my spirits. Yes, it's trite, but what isn't these days?