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"This" "sign" "is" "stupid."

Poor Alvin...

Big flock of geese chilling next to the Polymer Science building.

So, what, they have acid in them?

Holy crap. This guy's shirt.

Not very interesting yet, but here's the line for Metro tickets:

Our shadow on Wingfoot Lake as we took off.

Back on terra firma. Above U of Akron:

Can't use phone while I'm up there, so here's my last communication.

Two - H.R. Giger:

Two new posters in my room. One: Lord of the Rings:

You might enjoy the shirt of the guy in front of me:

Found this shed cicada shell today. Used to find these on trees outside my house when I was little.

Dave's Supermarket welomes[sic] students back to Akron.

What's the funky mineral that won't cop out when there's heat all about?

For some reason, the face on this Halloween toy cracks me up.

Wadsworth local boys Hayden Calling at The Lounge in Akron.

At a comedy open mic in Lakewood. Hipster time it's hipster time, lotsa beards and lotsa thick glasses.

Finally sorted through the stuff my ex-roommate left behind. Added this to my room, aka the Spider Room.

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