Tough under pressure, just like Sarah Jane Smith.

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ryokans and sleeping on futons make me happy.

My fingers are covered in super glue. Merry Christmas from the grim dark future. #40k #warhammer #asmurfsxmas2013

The Hobbit Extd. Blu-Ray SE - $83. Seeing your brother use the box as a helmet - Priceless #asmurfsxmas2013

it’s on like Donkey Kong #asmurfsxmas2013

like this

There’s a fair bit of rivalry in this household. #BMC #RSLT #TDF #sbscycling #sbstdf

Let’s get the Tour de France party started! #sbscycling #sbstdf #TDF

New armour is amazing. #GW2

Oh God. Now I have a food baby.

It’s a bit fucking cold in my room.

My mother just gave me this. It’s my grandmother’s engagement ring. I’ll admit, I have tears in my eyes.


Ah, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in the morning makes everything better.

I’m waiting for a seemingly never ending update

I can take random photos of bottles of alcohol too. The port is still good.



me, right now, in front of the TV. Not pictured: my lack of chocolate

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