'88 makes me 24. Huge fan of the #RedSox and my girlfriend Danielle (but not in that order). #RedSox #A7XFamily #A7X I follow almost everyone back!

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I have THE WORST LUCK IN THE WORLD on scratch-offs!

Uh-oh... is turning me into a member of the #a7xfamily!

Alright I guess the link doesn't work unless you're signed in. Here's a screenshot:

Yeah. You can click the "Songs" tab and it'll show a view like this one:

Chris Brown & Rihanna.. what he's really saying:

Ahahahaholy shit

Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee is wanted by the police for murder. They say the trial would last only 30 days.

baby you're all that i want when you're lying here in my arms. it isn't too hard to see… we're in heaven

The new 2013 #Cardinals alternate home jersey:

My middle-aged aunt just shared this photo on her timeline and I officially quit Facebook

My prediction for #Election2012: Obama wins with 299 Electoral votes over Romney's 239.

The new Houston #Astros logo has leaked:

Even their mascot sucks.

I was taking a picture for my girlfriend when he went yard! I'm a Pablo Sandoval #FlyWitness

Already a meme.

If you haven't played a Cat Facts prank on someone, you're missing out:

Here's a pic of my girl, . And she's from New York (sorry Kurt) #rivalslive

My #MLBPostseason predictions, bracket format:

Are you ready? #MLBPostseason