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Designer for mobile and web. Illustrator and writer too; I am @ministryoftype. Portfolio of some of my work at

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And if you click ‘next’. Woohoo! How many pages are there? It’s anyone’s guess.

I know criticising a Big Site is easy, but BBC, didn’t you check the pagination? This is the listing of ‘all athletes’.

Hey , the 'daily' newsletter you just sent, I don't want it, but:

Illustrator CS6 on Mountain Lion is a tiny bit crashy. Just before it goes, this appears.

Yeah, time to restart when PS starts doing this with your smart objects.


Oh, piss off.

What does this mean? I click Preview, and get this. OK doesn't work. It goes away after a bit, and… nothing.

With and without the float: left on the p:

I wish the W3C wrote documentation for humans. I know these functions, but it's late and a diagram would be REALLY NICE.

What? This is how you greet new visitors? I think your social media 'strategy' needs reevaluating

And this is why BMI is a load of utter bullshit.

The lack of a "block this shit" in is effing annoying. It's not been starred by anyone I know, FFS.

Actually, that's a point. Why do browsers even show this now? Maybe show protocol if it's NOT that.

Guantanamo'd on the M6 Toll.

Although Lightroom does need a human to redo its microcopy. I haven't done anything yet!

I read that as "Spray them with burning Febreze". It would work, I guess.

Using this screen. It's not the best UI by a long shot, but it exists:

Odd bug in PS. All the layers are the same font size. Select one, OK. Select all, uh?

This wording needs to be "MUST be customised in a fiddly irritating process before you can use the app."