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Welp. I know what I'm playing with this weekend.

I guess this should tide me over for a bit.

The face-off.


you're an idiot:

that's not what i mean:

Pfft. Who needs forza 4?

Hopefully the last picture I take with this droid.

Halo 4 panel crowd:

Hey and :

It's super angry right now, and I've got at least another 4-6 hours to go, but tattoo color in progress:

So, this happened. 15k's worth of Halo nerd cred. And that helmet smelled like a tire fire in poland.

Tweeting this now to avoid a million "what are you gettings?":

My cat has taken to laying in the crook of my arm. This is both adorable and infuriating.

This is going in my fucking face.

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