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who did the illustrations on your home page? They are awesome!

This rainy weather is making me want to go back here with .

the bookmarklet is giving me this when I add an image. It is actually adding it, but this still pops up.

Yes Photoshop, I realize I don't have any layer styles active on this layer. That's why I would like to clear them.

Thank you YouTube for this gem.

I can't believe WordPress is seriously thinking of changing to these flat icons. Please God don't let these be real.

Someone is playing a cruel joke on web designers here.

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How many times am I going to have to tell YouTube "Got it!" about that sidebar guide I'll never use?

Not to drudge up the iTunes icon drama, but maybe I recommend this for Rdio users?

Why are the like/dislike buttons on YouTube so far away from the like/dislike meter? Seems like they should interact.

Is this email from myspace supposed to shame me into using it? "<em>Someone's</em> connected. Why aren't YOU??"

Whoa! YouTube nixing the gradients on the player controls? When did this happen?

Cleaning out a closet, I found a CD (yes a CD) with my first web project ever on it. #smh

They looked like this. cc: (this is photoshopped, still haven't found them)

I am having wayyyy too much fun with this picture of baby .

Thank you for recommending a switch from Trillian to Adium for my chat. The customization options are great.

And this one. Also notice the Charles Barkley jersey throughout the video.

Thank you for reminding me about this video. This face is terrifying.