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Junior Jewish Basketball League Champion 1987

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June 5, 1989 #TiananmenSquare

Priceless. Catching my Dad and my Uncle Steve at the #Phillies game on TV. CLASSIC photo.

Our guide told us the temple in Jerusalem was layered like a cake. really wants that cake. #Israel

Don't mess with me, Franco. #NowYouSeeMe

Hey Morgan Freeman, what do you think about your new film that comes out today, Now You See Me? ...Yeah? me too.

., we're in the papers! (with an adorable kid from the amazing !)

Go See Now You See Me tomorrow and Then You'll See Me. you'll also see standing on this cop car

see you in a couple hours, Lebron! here's a #throwback pic of us 10 feet away from each other in '05

Obama's high school prom photo is cooler than yours.

Obama's high school prom photo is cooler than yours.


Great day at Cheremoya Elemetary School for the BIG SHOW! with all the peeps and friends!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow, friend. It's been too long.

#Scandal Season 3 preview?? This is for you ! #ScandalWars

Here. This will get you through tonight. #ScandalFinale #StayHydrated #Gladiatorade

ONLY a couple hours until the first live tweet of the day! 2:15pm east/11:15am west #AllergyShotLiveTweet

Timeline is already all Scandal. #HuckleberryQuinn knows what's up. #Trending #ScandalFinale

here you go, sorry to upset you so

Poor Mellie. #ScandalFinale

TOMORROW!!! #ScandalSeasonFinale