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Either a freak with enormous feet walking to the left or tiny-armed man running gracefully to the right

Robots: Beware!

For anyone wondering why the recession happened.

Don't be silly, drawer! I'm not going to fall for that again. What do you think this is? Mary Poppins!?

I saw two rabbits spooning last night. My mate didn't know what I was on about.

I sit like this on my way to work so nobody sits next to me.

I like to leave weird things in my hotel room for the cleaner to find & see if they move them. Here's today's attempt

This car looks like David Seaman.

Here's another one I found.

At uni my mum made me send her photos of my meals to make sure I was eating well so I'd send her pictures like this

Yellow blood cell.

I have no idea what these are and it is impossible to describe them in Google if you want to find out.

Just seen Wall-E's girlfriend on a train

I'm about to buy the loneliest thing in the world. Not sure if this will make my Valentine's Day better or worse.

Loneliness is spending Valentines evening alone watching Twilight via the reflection in the train window

This has never stopped anything from spilling ever but I can't help but using it every time

Looked out the window on the tube and can't stop laughing but nobody else can see what I'm laughing at.

Ok so I'll definitely have a nightmare about an evil zombie baby after seeing this

I knew chocolate bars weren't particularly good for you but this really is shocking.

Business-woman in front of me on the train has been on this page of this book for over 5 minutes.

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