Jannah? Okay, I'll meet you there :-) #islam #smile

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"Whoever does not care about the matters of Muslims is not one of them" - Narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas'oud (RAA)

LOL, love it. My RFAK playlist is so good. Currently 31 songs, I shall add more soon, needs updated lolol

One of the many, many miracles of the Quran..

One of the many miracles of the Quran..

And heres to a day full of knowledge tomorrow. Insha'Allah :) #goodnight

Assalamualaikum :) #goodnight

Love this picture. Says so much..

Either way..

LTE action. Yeaaaah!

was meaning to send you this for ages! Haha

LOL, yes!


Allah, the Almighty!

How one picture can take away so many worries :)

WOW. SubhanAllah. Amazing photo. #HurricaneSandy

#standard #bedTime

RT : Who are you to judge?" Judge on what is apparent, right?

there's a whole chapter on it but that's a little paragraph. Guess dua'a is the next best thing to visiting :)

The best advice from the most perfect book. #Quraan