Your mind would wander and search for its place in the night, your body followed this feeling like following light.

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Srsly mybe my new wallpaper so I can crack up upon snoozing my 5:45 am alarm.

Not false.

Entertainment Weekly does a bit on how good Ryan Gosling looks in suits...including Albert's suits!

oh good LORD, boys

Is it just me or is Chris's scary face doodle reminiscent of Will Champion?

Can't judge Chris's artistic abilities because I have none, but lolz.

The first diary entry is from the Christmas Lights shoot, may or may not be SUPER squeeing

This is not going to be a good photo show, but EEEEE

And this is who I'm sitting next to...

Ok this is pretty awesome

What the BLOODY fuck is flopping?

The "it's" on this annoys the crappy out of me, sorry Julian. I hate that I find grammar/usage errors so grating.

Look how niiiice he is :3

joining the club...BTW bought Phrazes 12" today! Have fun tonight!


Look how nice is to me:

I ask my mom to pick up Christmas stickers for my cards while at the store, and she comes back with whiney Santas.

It's a character anomaly that I like tequila so much.

My day's work is done (minus putting on the tree skirt and vacuuming)