I don't need this stuff, and I don't need you. I don't need anything except this. Oh wait... The thermos and 142 characters. That's all I ne

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Another 2011 Dunny. Love these little guys!

so much yum for lunch.

Came home to this in the sink. When I inquired about it, children dissolved into a fit of laughter. O.o ?

what I need to remove a manicure. seriously. this sucks.

There were a lot of these guys out today while we were exploring the Kings River Falls Natural Area.

Ugh. Still solid ice. But I need more paint. I wish Lowe's delivered.

Just caught myself in the mirror. I've had this "Pepe" tee for 20 yrs & have painted 6 houses in it. Great tee.

This should make painting more fun. :)

Lavender walls. Purple ceiling... In my 9yo son's room. This should have been project # 1. Bad mom.

View out my front window. Ugh. Really Arkansas? Knock it off. I left Iowa because of this crap.

Anyone got the number for Spooky Irish Spring Soap Removal? If I touch it I'll smell like it... Forever.

Shhhhhh... I love this movie.

Here we go. To the office. This should be funsies. #sonotfunsies

Stop flashbulbz'n me pwease.

Someone here is making it difficult to work.

Still snowing.

And still snowing.

Thought I had no junk food in the house. But. I found some! I may need an intervention. #pfft24servingswhatever

Training for 1/2 marathon in June - Des Moines - Dam to Dam. Nike+GPS, a_muse_d to sync up fellow runners :)