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I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life. I love comedy and eliciting laugher and smiles from the masses. I am a video game aficionado.

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This worked out really well on my feed. ,

I'm practically jazzing my digital pants now that I can use my curated reaction image folder on Facebook.

If it weren’t for quality marijuana I’d be breaking shit right now!

Damn, one of my favorite jokes is now dead. It’s only fun to make fun of people while they’re still in the closet. #fb

pic RT : Hey.. let's have a round of applause for people who have cable and don't live with their parents.

If you find my twitter feed less interesting when I’m not drunk this time of the morning see image:

Aaaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!! I’m missing one single Bucky Ball, now I can’t complete a sphere or cube. #fb

There’s a cool girl I met at my local bar, she told me her Tumblr name and turns out I was already following her. mfw

Watching Awake, On Demand, the flash backward button works but I can’t fast forward, now I have to watch 15 min. over!

MFW RT : Glad to host the comedy cellar. I'll be hosting every other tuesday. Come out for tons of fun!

Thanks for sharing some of my Canv.as posts on Twitter!!!

Happy B-day!

Happy birthday!

It’s 2012, I just called a number and got a busy signal. #fb

That show is called Life’s Too Short. I am fail.

RT : I am live tweeting a previously taped event. I hope all the people I already know who wins, win.

Anyone else having problems with Tumblr?

LULZ, sorry for getting into a scrap on your FB but that guy got mad so easily, plus he’s hard to understand.

I was a few hours too late to get Tix to see them here.

Deified excrement! I just noticed that I can see Emoji on my Mac in Echofon.

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