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Can't quite believe this so I am photographing it. Camera doesn't lie, right?

PROOF! that and I were out on our bikes at the ACTUAL SAME TIME! Going in same direction and everything!

Ooh LOOK what arrived today! Someone needs to take me dancing RIGHT AWAY

Hebden parade 4 :)

Hebden parade 3 :)

Hebden parade 2 :)

Hebden parade 1 :)

it's the next, inevitable step from fulminating about anatomically incorrect bicycles in children's books

It's reet gradely, is West Yorkshire (no. 3 in a series) #bike #yum

Categorically REFUSED to believe that 's book would arrive in 7-13 days. Look! 5 days! #positivethinking


Rivers are still really high #HebdenBridge

Fire engines a-go-go in Hebden!

LOVE ' new tie 'n' shirt 'n' suit combo #soFASHION

ooh that's lovely! Long ears! We have lots of these

it is ordered. I am clearing special place for it on bedside table. Have 7-13 days to finish this lot

Déjeuner sur le patio II. Not-very-still life with gingerbread men

It's someone's job to write these so we all go, 'Just how I like my MEN! Haha!' I'm not falling into their trap. No sir

Took clothes drier out of lawn to play swingball. Its hole just disappeared. Grateful hug for anyone who spots it

4yo, carefully meshing his fingers together and singing 'bicycle CHAIN, bicycle CHAIN...' under breath