California; Oceanside. College Student; Majoring in Wumbology: The Study of Wumbo. 18 Forever. Blah Blah Blaaaaah No one cares marylin! π

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Turkey&Cheese Pita sandwich, Powerade, and Sperry shoes. Eating by myself cause I have no friends. #lonerprobs

I have never found a post that describes me so much c':

They favorited my tweet <3333 #awesomeness

Cute but mean. Looks are so deceiving


Oral Sex.

Le Ramones<3333333

The reason why I have been awake since 5.


Join me?

Beautiful indeed c:

I just want the baddest bitch in the world right here on my lap.

Yes, I, Marylin Manuel have a Marilyn Monroe poster. #Duh

My dog head-butted me right on my lip. Now I have this huge red scab on my lip. Thanks Lucky.

My dog accidently head butted me on my lips that is why I have this red scab on my big'Oll lips :D

Was waering my scarf and then got to hot. So I did this and I got so many stares and one comment. #psychologyassignment

My dog as a cat c:

Going trick or treating with my niece and nephew c: #AuntyRole I think people won't give me candy because I am "to old"

My breakfast contains a taco and a smoothie c: #Farmer'sMarket

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