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  • 1475 days ago via Plume
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  • 1475 days ago via Plume
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A bit of pen porn. Got this in the fabulous Monto second hand clothes shop on Parnell Street. Venetian glass pen.

  • 1594 days ago via site
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A little bit of pen porn. Found in the wonderful Monto second hand clothes shop on Parnell St today.

  • 1596 days ago via site
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Stanley St again. Looks like people aren't taking no for an answer.

Stanley St Depot Dublin today despite listing in Times yesterday & website as tree recycling point.

What all the cool kids are reading...the new book by Twitters own in the wild. :-)

A dear friend is leaving the country next week. Will miss her but am very thankful for the lovely bookcase.

Spotted by a public bench in the Batter. Pot calling kettle?

  • 1825 days ago via site
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Rescued this as a seedling from the pavement 2 year ago & it's finally flowered. This makes me happy!

  • 1832 days ago via api
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The cat has appropriated the basket the Easter egg came in. It's really too small for her!

  • 1875 days ago via api
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In case of lift failure psychopaths must be accompanied.

  • 1887 days ago via site
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Just because they really are very, very sweet. My 2 little fountain pens. Biggest is only 8cms, little over 3"

  • 1904 days ago via api
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A frozen bush, Dublin...direct opposite to a burning one?

  • 1961 days ago via api
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A snowman at the 1916 memorial in Arbour Hill. Don't know who built it.

  • 1961 days ago via api
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Republican snowman in Arbour Hill in Dublin this afternoon.

  • 1961 days ago via api
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