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CM for @Respawn & voice of Sarah in Titanfall. This is my non-work account. Follow @Respawn for updates. Instagram: roguestate

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We've arrived in London to show some more Titanfall. is very excited about this wall:

Office secret santa prank complete. gave me a "crafting with cat hair" book last year. This year he got:

I'm not mature enough for England:

Religious group was giving these pamphlets door to door. This was the wrong question to ask an apartment of nerds.

Religious group was distributing these pamphlets door to door. can't ask a nerd this question & expect a non-zombie response.

Seats at TMBG were amazing! Awesome show. Somehow knew I'd see fellow Respawn'er there.

look what I got at the door cause I'm fan club. So happy!

Me & at the Respawn Halloween bash

How the cat is sleeping:

Having returned from travels to my welcome home office now includes my name spelled out in kittens:

This recipe makes a ton. And it's pretty amazing:

how's this? My mom emailed it to me, this is my copy:

Sunday, making homemade applesauce and pumpkin bread:

Australia, mission accomplished:

Australia, mission accomplished:

In London with AND and I are plotting the next things we'll cook/bake

Arrived in London! Saw the Alps from the plane after Zurich layover. Wish I saw more cause my mom was born there.

Last night in Tokyo. Visiting giant Gundam statue because OF COURSE.