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Let us pray that our food should not be colored with animal blood and human suffering save life give life ♥

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#Goddess #Lakshmi printed on shoes is this the value of Gods of #India

  • 899 days ago via site
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#Scientists lit a #cave natural gas on fire in 1971 & it is still burning to till today #thedoortohell

  • 994 days ago via site
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why should #Women be given more respect ♥

  • 1122 days ago via site
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#Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, reveals, shares, and heals .♥

  • 1208 days ago via site
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#Germany is living up 2 its environmentally friendly spending millions euros on building bridges just 4 #animals.

  • 1219 days ago via site
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Different peoples in #India & their different Costume ! The way they lead their Life ,Leads to their Dress

  • 1299 days ago via site
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#Uttarakhand flood difference between #India PM & #Thailand PM during their flood

  • 1306 days ago via site
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#Humanity still Alive....... ! We #Salute these Guys.. Must share this #Uttarakhand save life give life

  • 1309 days ago via site
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#Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, reveals, shares, and heals Happy #Valentine's Day

  • 1437 days ago via site
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30 years since #Bhopal gas leak tragedy & there seems to be no respite for d victims when will they get #justice

  • 1509 days ago via site
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save female #foeticide , #animal have sense and feeling. have mercy on animal save life give life

  • 1510 days ago via site
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To each their own #milk all living being love there children save live give life be #vegetarian #vegan

  • 1520 days ago via site
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How is this different 4m this #Love is equal isn"t it ? all living being love there children d thing we all r same

  • 1520 days ago via site
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_/l\_ Namaste : Feel the depth of the sentence : #God made the #Jungles, and human made #concretejungle

  • 1624 days ago via site
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#Gum thrown on the ground looks like #bread to #birds which they try to eat it ple dont throw gum on road

  • 1669 days ago via site
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why eat one & love one animals Be #Vegetarian or #Vegan #animalrights #peta

  • 1705 days ago via site
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#elephant LOSES ITS #LIFE when the #tusks are removed. Perhaps the only way to learn is to see., #animalrights

  • 1806 days ago via site
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#Goddess #Lakshmi printed on bikini bottom,goddess Kali on a toilet seat and model Heidi Klum dressed has goddess

  • 2083 days ago via site
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The #soul comes alone and goes alone, no one companies it and no one becomes its mate.~ #LordMahavir#Jain

  • 2102 days ago via site
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Ple keep a bowl of #water in ur balcony or window so that #birds can drink water as its 2 hot this #summer

  • 2125 days ago via site
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