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Current student at San Francisco State University, working toward a BA in Political Science.

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Glad to see Twitter is doing the responsible thing and labeling promoted items :)

Well isn't that a powerful image...

"washing smoothie??" what??

Shoppin for fruit! :)

My friend has a test to see if she's Asian....?

PSA: H&M has some nice shirts on sale right now!

How do you guys clean this part of your MB Pro's?

That's right! I got a Zipcar mix that I keep on my iPhone for the car, love those aux cables!

Working on The State of Social Media, to be published next month.

THIS is why I love UPS/FedEx shipping.

Walking to the market and back in the pouring rain.....

I really like Apple's new UI guidelines, they get rid of a lot of waisted space!

haha nice! don't you love this suit!?

The paper quality on these new soft cover moleskins is honestly impressive.

yeah, letting it sit off for a few hours while I watch the game and study haha

I can't believe Square still works with 3.1.2! Sweet!

Hehehe original iPhone getting p0wned :P

I bet you doesn't have one of these :P

Michelle, you down to do this in our lobby at 4am!? :D

Why did we stop using the phrase "shall not?" it's so classy! (This is a translation of a document)