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A fly swarming around your kitchen? Annoying & irritating. A fly swimming around in your Cabernet? Absolutely infuriating.

absolutely KILLED IT at Impact tonight. Get this man on a speaking tour already!

Don't get me started. Somebody will stand before God for this one day.

In the time it took me to run to the bathroom, Linen sneaked outside and managed to do this.

Linen smiling and playing again. First time this week. Now back to training!

5 hours later... Heading into X rays. Never has this place had a more adorable robe-laden mini-patient.

This would be a lot more accurate if they added like 300 minutes to each estimate.

"Uh, sure. Just put the toilet there. Who cares."

.The master.My hero. "Spiritual growth is hand crafted, not mass produced." I have to be around this man more.

I have a sneaking suspicion who made this mess.

Setting up all day for Christmas Eve in Gwinnett Arena. Going to blow minds.

Time to get Spidey a bigger bike, I think.

Time to get him a bigger bike, I think.

"Look kids! Its women being oppressed!" / Imagine riding "It's a small world" on an acid trip. Your brain might explode.

Ok. This is a phenomenal cloud pattern. What the heck??? Is this the end???

Evidence that suggests you're NOT in the Ritz Carlton: when this is the sign in the lobby.

Pita Pit. There is nothing better.

This dude is definitely going to miss his flight. But it's so funny I can't bring myself to wake him.

Praying thru worship school applications. Show us who and how God‼

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