A tall person.


Yes, I am a wizard. Stupid muggle stop asking stupid questions. http://thequaffle.tumblr.com

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Nice bowl of whipped cream for a snack. Haha...

How about now?

Do I look posessed yet.

I would be judged so hard.

I love my new big ugly sweater!

This is how I'm going to do my makeup for the icecream social.

is still sleeping o.O


She thinks she's a model.

This is what my costume is for the icecream social.

This is what happens when I get bored on the bus.

Toga with head piece.

Steeler nails :)

Pumpkin icecream is so amazing!

I still need to add the gold accents but this is basically it.

Who is going to judge me for doing this on super hero day.

Am I batman yet?

How about now?

This is what happens when you leave your stuff sit out during gym.

My mom hates these shoes. I don't understand why.

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