Josh Young


A 30 year old ginger nerd who enjoys a drink or two.

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Treekin and wild riders into mournfang! I'm glad I got the charge.

wardancers vs bulls and ironguts... Ouch?

Bay area open. First game my woodies vs high elves

according the you're a good kid, so good on you! Here's a random picture!

Finally tied that stupid bow tie, now where is my gin and ginger?

2500 my woodies vs lizards

Woodelves vs skaven. 2500 wish me luck!

- here is my cat Seamus with a scarf. Hope it helps cheer you up!

well it isn't or twine, but here is me holding straw. #simonpeggholdingtwine

Lost by 5 points to empire now vs a heavy chosen and warrior WoC list

2500 points: empire vs my woodelves

2500 vc (my first time playing my wife's army) vs 2500 savage orcs.