khenti the f0nkym0nk


non compos mentis. der dichter ist tot. #ThePit strictly undergr0und and f0nky

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#ThePit strictly undergr0und and f0nky



Marlo Stanfield & the muhfuckin' Snoop #TheWire

Tape 58 (1998) - Tony Touch


I almost ignored this... Quarantine - Endemic

MF Doom vs MF Grimm

This has to be the saddest beef ever lol

There he is, the original Bubbles of #TheWire lol

tf? #findjemedari

As Long As I Live

Aliens Emotions

Her name is Sadz - #abstract, #indigochild #pencilshades

Nzigha, Warrior Queen of Matamba. This book is set in Angola, 1595. She's fighting to free her land from Portuguese.

Alistair Peck in #WhiteTulip episode of the #Fringe. This is the greatest episode in the whole series

one with nature

Look at this painting by Ruben Belloso Adorna... damnnn

just gotten my copies of #DominantSpecies and #ApolloCreed #KenyanHipHop

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