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Budak ini suda 5.5kg,no wonder ur a handfull now azzad!

Morning nap!

Yay!I get to sunbathe today,اَلْحَمْدُلِلّهِ hope it will make my jaundice better :)

Karaoke in conjunction wt mama's b'day :)

Room ready for confinement,yeay!!tq to beloved mama & :-)

Dah smpi PD!!ready to go swimming!!

Their passport pics for school..ariff really looked like a big boy already :D

For 's emir khaled's aqiqah :)

Ini jdnye kene buli dgn cucu!!

How to work like this?can I be excused,nak tido...ZZzzzzzz

Yay for dina,I thnk she's getting the hang of it :D

اَلْحَمْدُلِلّهِ managed to clear the stuff in our very happy me!!yayyy

At aireen & aidan's rockstar party!!

Off to A Famosa :)

Ok,succeeded wt the plan to get them to headed back to SB so bole smbg tido lama skt :)

Tarraaaaa!!!we r awake!

This is how we pretend to sleep :P

Hubby brought ariff to Kluang just now..he was excited smpi ckp "eh,ni la Kluang"LOL!!!

Lobai ni x nak poie mandi,nak ikut daddy ey pi mosojid...pffttt!!!gogham boto la!!!

My son's chubby hands,love it!!

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