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i wasn't here if you never really saw me.

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walmart pple: i liked this one... probably cos i have those days when u just can't find a top to match ur dress

walmart pple: now this dame is classy! some how i don't think she's lying either ;))))

stamping cards for the troops on this #craftysunday

u bet keeps me smiling late at night...wonder if if this might improve bed comfiness? 8)

hey gurl when ur there please becareful... heard rumors might have a fungus... hahahaha

MH mag: see tell me this isn't supercool, you can't find stuff like this in cosmo...

it's a good thing u still love me esp after the wet patch incident ;-p a toast to good times!

haha 'duh'! i shouldnt laugh too hard, cos sadly i think i've had days like this...

its so cool when dogs make their own happiness! doggy fleshlight... ()

good morning and good day... this pic made me laugh hysterically!

who knew tweetie bird got so fookin old! wonder what sylvester looks like...

just entered & won a political pissing contest . gud thing i put on my big gurl panties & brought my cock!

shit my last tweet didn't go thru! here's a pic of lady gaga... her teeth give it away. one for the ladies boys!

we are what we eat, bring on the almonds folks

here's hoping the bride doesn't hyphenate her last name ;) cute!

i saw this, liked it a lot but minus the lock.

dinner & a movie (the other guys) with the best kid ever! im a lucky mom :)

need to keep the beer cold no problem...

i liked this one, not so common. i can see having this 1, haha 4 obvious reasons ;)

also i like the outlined profiles too

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