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Made Omu-rice (Rice Omelette ) for lunch. I can't make it properly like one of those Itami Juzo films!

My new autumn coloured socks.

Good Sunday morning! cheese on fig & orange peel bread, coffee and plums.

It's 6pm in Japan. already so dark outside.

Good morning. Muesli with plums, coffee and fig bread.

It's a national holiday in Japan today. Having oyster staut under the sun.

Bagel sandwich breakfast.

Gorgeous sunny Friday today!

my recent purchase for making coffee.

Good morning! Egg on toast for breakfast now.

Wednesday breakfast: welsh cake, scrambled egg, salad, coffee and plums.

Good morning! rice ball breakfast for Tuesday. Raining a lot :(

Having morning coffee at my local cafe in Ishinomaki. Glad that it's finally reopened after the tsunami.

Morning walk in Ishinomaki city centre. Only few people around, lots of empty houses. #tsunami

Here's another one. Wish I could have a house like this. #Japan

My favourite place in Morioka. I don't know how many times I've been there.

here's the veggie section!

I was too excited to see all those fruits and veggies at farmers' market in morioka.

not too bad to spend a rainy saturday afternoon with a cup of coffee.

Friday breakfast. Looking very yellow!