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people who complain about twitter

Bit of this

#nowplaying forever

Nice start to the week... (yea I know it's Tuesday, my week starts on a Tuesday)

Ex-tenants CREEPY Scientology mail! Done everything we can to advise these loonies they no longer live here!

I should stop dissing #dissing

I should probably try and make it through an entire song before dissing her. Or not.. ('dissing' is a real thing btw)

Abby Lee = have a sandwich (please, Gucci ads are my fav, this makes me sad) :(

Chanel = smoking hot

Is it just me or does the lady in this Lancôme ad look like a cross between Halle Berry and Winona Ryder?

Found an interview did with the late Jimmy Little...
Do you guys have a digital copy? From spring 2004.

: How would you describe Sydney in a single photograph? ABCs photo competition.."

My worst nightmare

Not working

Because ever other issue is....???


Train platform fail

Does anyone actually even use the toilets in the old express trains?

I think I'm reading the same one.. Check the photo bomber in the Tommy Hilfiger ad!! ( 20?) LOL