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The awkward moment when looks like this...

  • 893 days ago via site
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Those tags are just hilarious :L

  • 916 days ago via site
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This totally just made me lol. What a nice way to freeze SV.

  • 1443 days ago via site
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Picture from my birthday in Richmond :).
I thought this was truly stunning and had to share it :).
It's been posterized using GIMP- the unedited picture isn't quite as mesmerizing.

  • 1544 days ago via site
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It was fun while it lasted...

  • 1546 days ago via site
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Bored afternoons make you think of amazing things :L.

  • 1589 days ago via site
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CHRISTOPHER and Charlie :).

  • 1599 days ago via site
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Christopher (MY FAVOURITE PERSON AFTER THAT CALL), Charlie Bewley and Jamie Cambell Bower.

  • 1599 days ago via site
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Tinsel Korey :)

  • 1599 days ago via site
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Christopher, Charlie, Jamie, Kiowa and Tinsel.

  • 1600 days ago via site
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In celebration of SPN Season 6 being announced, I suggested a little private celebration with Dean. He politely declined...

  • 1605 days ago via site
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Hand on thigh! I'm sure this scene will either be really uncomfortable to watch or we'll all be swooning over it. One of the two :).

  • 1607 days ago via site
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Dean gets advice on what to do when Sammy ends up stabbed :). Wouldn't life be so much simpler if he had just taken it.

  • 1611 days ago via site
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Watermark options: my personal favourite is the username. The wolf is what I use on all my graphics design work at school so... yeah. OPTIONS!

  • 1620 days ago via site
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Incase you're wondering what the hell my previous tweet was about...

  • 1623 days ago via site
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I had the wrong setting on for this but I can't be bothered to go get frozen again for the sake of some pretty pictures.... or can I? Back in a few!

  • 1644 days ago via site
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Testing out the new camera, and what better way to do it than pictures of your garage roof?

  • 1644 days ago via site
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Sometimes I just see these beautiful images in my mind, I just try my best to recreate them on SV. More often than not it goes pearshaped but atleast the colours in the are pretty incredible.

  • 1658 days ago via site
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  • 1677 days ago via site
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Collectormania 2009 :). Thanks to Charlies camera... I still can't find my ones cable :(.

  • 1683 days ago via site
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