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Check out 's great offers

Oh baby <3 gonna make you mine soon!

Sums up last night for Calvin Harris perfectly

Love passing notes w/ @ work :D $1-10 D&G paper chase! Come say hi!

Do hungover Chinese men dream in Chinese? Do they dream at all?

I mean I guess my city's alright..

#YouKnowYoureFilipinoWhen instead of Maruchan, you have this..


Successful day. Now it's "time" for bed (;

DAAAAMN hella snobby tho & !!

Daaayum is rich girl status! 's a legit stylist @ D&G

If Arielle wants Angry Birds for her 5th bday..Ateh Marj shall deliver.

A LEGIT still-shot of my parents trying to raise one eyebrow. My dysfunctional family man LOL

Richard &Jenny brought me tea &Dayquill to work today. My coworkers are the best!!! (:

Yes I spoil her & feed her Michael Kors addiction #whataredaughtersfor

Woke up to the smell of sinigang na baboy (: my faborite!

UNLV kids needing a boba fix, check out my friend's new restaurant by campus tomorrow! Grand opening!

Guy @ Espresso hooked it up with a free red velvet cupcake (: #whaddasweetheart

Shit just got real ((((:


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