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I'm in Australia, do not know this girl, but I know her bill's going up by like

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King, best accessory I have.

She's everythinggg

She's everythinggg

Can't blame 'em for loving King doe, hopefully this is only the beginning

4 is cool too. So much swag in one piccha.

Love Drake but Lol!

My face when you tweeted me


All we do on our breaks lol, smh. Thanks technology. Now the people ain't even talking...

F it, got nothing to hide. Sometimes I just be chillin

Lmaoooo this is so mean, but so funny at the same damn time. It be like that sometimes though

#Slick lmao. Rapping poetic justice to me and shit

Your type of tweet

Delete yo shit.

So straight forward! Lmao

So straight foward! Lmao

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