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Why does thing song always play when I turn on pandora :/ ; makes me remember old times #memories

LMFAOOO MYbestfriend sent me this..lmaoo jerkkk

lmaooo only me and my ridaaa niqqa.. lol my bestfriendddddddd

liddle feet and mix match socks <3 :)

this was thee shitt ; throw bacck #Santana #Cam'ron

part 2 ; damnn I miss this fuckker !! :/ x33

part 1 of thee txt message I got ; <3 :*

-_- ; why did this song come on right now :/ :'( I miss MYbooger!!our song

LMAOOOO ; he hasnt txted back yet!! So I know he mad.. lols ;*

LMFAOOOOOOO ; I knew he was gunna txt me!! Lols told you senia

Thee good old times and if I had MYcuppcake I would @ her ass too

This is how it ALWAYS is ; gesshhh I feel thee love *

MYlazyy baby

knocked out #lazy just like her #boyfriend Marleyyyy

LMFAOOOOOOO ; "hood bitch" I died when I read this.. Girl dont even know how to write proper.. SMH

Remember this

Happy birthday to MYmacho de titi.. I hope you have a good birthday papi.. NO matter what titi will always love you <3

LMFAO ; im DONE!!! ; I told you,you messin with thee wrong female when it comes to playing gamess ; anywho GOODNIGHT :)