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guess who? only my future husband. name rhymes with Lark

selling little prints/postcards tonight at nightmarket..

speaking of POWWOW.. tmmw at nightmarket. check out some art, screen demos and selling some prints

HAAA on the way to dropping off our prints for submission, came across whoever this guy is

oh look what I got!

cards! soon to be screened and loved by... myself and Noah who just offered to buy one for his girlfriend. haww☺

this happens to me often. dudes on bikes sit in front of me at stop lights. YOU TEASE

apparently he's learning japanese too.. UHHH DID I JUST FIND MY SUPER SAIYAN?!?

hahaha i love my friends

fricking RisingSons... so clever. follow Yama and Michael on vine!

sometimes i can't help myself. Katsu this morning coz i'm Krazy

why would you ever want to UN-Follow this: