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Omnia probate, optima tenete. Former AAS drummer- new project coming very soon! Youtube: christaylordrums IG: christayl0r

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Jay-Z rolls with almost as many buses as all of Warped Tour. Madness. This should be an interesting night...

I'm caught between two lives / and every second I'm awake / I check reflection so I won't forget my face #np

I know how to lose everything / and pick up where I fell #np

Read between the lines.

New wheels. Pretty slick huh?

Like a grownup clothes hanger.


Odd that it's easier to write drum parts this way. See what sounds good, work out mechanics of how to play it after.

Kensington rooftop hangs... Liking it here.

"The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love." - Osho. Read this:



. This isn't the Chris you're looking for...

Hell yeah! #2048

Hell yeah! #2048