Soldier, Five-O, 808 , I pick things up and put them down, I really want a six-pack...not sure if I'm talking about beer or my bod right now.

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5am munchies.

Came, saw, conquered!! #STL

4 year tours.... Oh hell no. I've been here almost 3yrs I can't imagine doing another.

They still show this? Lol bad boys bad boys.

Thanks Groupon for sending me this deal 3hrs before my test. Ugh.

Chipotle!!!!!!!! Only had to drive an hour for you.

Chipotle!!!!!!!! Only had to drive an hour for you.

It was snowing two weeks ago.

It's gonna be a hot summer.

Miss ya brovocado! #rememberthefallen


I love how the Marine Times and Army Times feed off each other.

Trying to get my résumé on the Jack Bauer level.

Subzero was at the gym today.

the good news is, I can finally see my abs again.

Large or small, therapy dogs are awesome.

Watching Million Dollar Baby. So far, pretty good.

Another day at work...

This Marine's name is really Diesel!

Thank you, for the lovely calendar and autograph. April is off to a good start!