Jedi Master Amamizu


Kage level shinobi. Legendary Jedi Master. Konoha's Bringer of Lightning. The Master of Vaapad

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I'm just over here like RT : Son if Tré don't chill lol

RT : I forgot my insomnia secret. No alcohol & some Batman: The Animated Series. I knocked out last night!

RT : I think I'm ready for a change (in my hair) hmm what do y'all think?!

RT :

And we wonder what the problem is...

RT : Get em RT : Soo RT : Ill be the one eating

RT : dont be surprised when it comes up missing one day

RT : Have I mentioned it's FREAKING #AquarianSeason ???

RT : The IT guy at work is asking me how to use different functions in Word .................

RT : Chris is entitled to his own opinion.

RT : I just woooooooondered do you eeeeeever. .think of me . . .anymooooore

RT : bruh shes nice wit it

RT :

RT : you won't beat me!


RT :

RT : Laugh now but watch