Na$ir ناصر مكفلي


Muslim. Designer Extrodinare. Author. Creative Genius. Fashion Misfit. I make dope clothes, work with kids, and write excellent novels. Bottom line, I get it.

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RT #thingsyoushouldntsay I think I'm sprung! (Not sure why, you didn't even meet #Juicy yet...)

RT #MyWeakness Hoodrats #kanyeshrug

#LonelyTweet RT I had a busy week. My body is so sore. I need 2 rubbed down & stretched out!!! O___o

RT *TOSS UP* RT : Smh been in the bed bein lazy all day

RT damn lifetime movies got me crying...ugh

Smh RT *threw the legs and off the glass* RT : Did i eat anything yesterday?

RT I think about HER way too much

RT *toss up* RT : I'm in the mood to go out to eat something yummy

S.M.H. RT *whispers* Where can I get 1 of them!?

RT I'm horny

Triple Diamond #LonelyTweet RT My vagina is lonely!!!! 

RT I miss the heck out of this dude.... But pride won't let me tell em

RT #MAJORSHOTSFIRED RT : yo wasup with the unfollow

RT Hmmm, I wonder if wearing shape ups will shape my booty up?!

RT I added my location to my tweets but what's the point?!

RT Gotta find a girl 2 sit on my face Tonite

RT I have corn nuts and I know u want some!

RT I think ill masturbate to get me motivated to work

RT anybody want this one? RT : my phone is getting no action right now :/

RT I need new batteries! Dang it! :-/