Na$ir ناصر مكفلي


Muslim. Designer Extrodinare. Author. Creative Genius. Fashion Misfit. I make dope clothes, work with kids, and write excellent novels. Bottom line, I get it.

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RT Has To Be The Sexiest Man Alive. *Sighs*

RT #toodamnfar RT : #myvagina gets more licks than a tootsie pop!!

2 for 1 Tuesday #LeggingStruggle and #UggsAndAdidasSuitStruggle

RT *toss up* RT : so i brought Bruno Mars album....& i only like 3 songs.

A X P Military Coat posting this weekend...unveiling the dopest military coat on the planet.

RT I wuuuuuuush....I could actually HUMP on HUMPday smh....DANG! What a chick gotta do mayne?!

RT Common could get everything.

RT I hope I see Big Sean when I go to Detroit this weekend....

RT Common I will lick your bald head...yummm

RT RT : My nigga Tyga stay fresh(#pause b)

RT #LonelyTweet RT : Everybody add my pin 30D4FFB2

RT work it ! #townbizness!!!

RT U been asking bout my feet for 2days now! O_o RT : post a pic of your feet

*hail mary pass to * T shirt tucked in the bball shorts #Struggle

RT #LonelyTweet RT : Who wants to give me some late night advice?

RT #LonelyTweet RT : Who wants to give me some late night advice?

RT this one tho RT : in america, you guys dip ribs in relish?

RT yo I need ur face right now b...where's that face at lmao

S Dots? RT Oh ard. Makes sense. Lol RT : You gotta see them on me

RT Anybody? RT : On da PLanE... #:+)