Na$ir ناصر مكفلي


Muslim. Designer Extrodinare. Author. Creative Genius. Fashion Misfit. I make dope clothes, work with kids, and write excellent novels. Bottom line, I get it.

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Let's gooooooooooooo

Let's gooooooooooooo

RT Hungover & Trappin :-(

RT Fair enough RT : ...that's because you are fine as hell

RT RT : Its brick out there b *behind the back to


RT Oh wow...please get him a drink! RT : Can I still eat it?

Somebody give the face for talking reckless.

If your chick feeds you this, she actually plans on leaving you for one of your friends or your brother

footage is always a good look hence --->

RT son I need the africa black face pic b

#NowPlaying Runway Freestyle

RT All these men staring @ me in the dealership.. How bout ya be my boo and service Olivia for free

Adidas edition izar ---->

cargo pocket izar ------>

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Man come on WTF is this ish?!?!!!?

RT YO U GOT SKYFIRE B??!!....they pulled that shit from the app store

#Ni99aPlease #LonelyTweet #UMad #FOH LMAOOOOOOOOO RT What the f**k, blocked me??