Na$ir ناصر مكفلي


Muslim. Designer Extrodinare. Author. Creative Genius. Fashion Misfit. I make dope clothes, work with kids, and write excellent novels. Bottom line, I get it.

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But now it's time for....masjid flow.

RT Ctfu RT : Can someone PLZ throw these thirsty hoes a splash of juice?!?! Thanx in advance

RT #random Today my car is 2 yrs old!! Happy Birthday baby!

Know ya history...I'm gonna drop a pic each day of a significant time in Black history. What was this pic about?

Corrupted military shirt...this is how we play over at AXP

Yeah this isn't cool either.


had to give him this face ----->

RT #lonelytweet RT : Whts good twitter?? Who up?

Popping bottles late night with Black Ops...

RT And pacman wife bad as shit....maaaaan

RT Pacman wife is BAAAAAAAADDDDD!!!

#OhYouCare it's the drink of the Gods. Fcuk Ace of Spades.

RT my beard is in your pants...#furrybox

RT #DAT : Chillin in LA....gettn ready to go eat.

RT Man young jeezy got a sexy azz voice

RT #AManShouldNot have cornrows. braids.. whatever u call them.. Let it go!! Ur time is over!

RT : #LonelyTweet RT Bored n nobdy to cake with ugh

RT When Erykah Badu follows you all your other followers seem not to matter LOL

RT RT : Did I ever tell u u are the reason y I drink *Toss Up